Sound from A to Z

Geluidsman: Setgeluid | Sounddesign | Postproductie | Podcasts en evenemententechniek


Sound engineer from The Netherlands, deployable throught the country and outside of it.

Below are a few of my services. No idea what you need exactly? Get in touch and I'll gladly give you advice.

Sound Engineer

If you're in need of a sound engineer, boom operator or sound mixer. I can be of service provide you with excellent audio.

Geluid voor evenementen

I'm also available for events, livestreams, live music mixing and more. Get in touch to find out what I can do for you.


I'll guide you in the process of creating a podcast. Recordings are done on a location of your choice. With my equipment I can provide you with an excellent sounding podcast.

Sound design

I provide sound design for various linear and non-linear media. From foley recordings to sound synthesis. For everything that needs sound like movies, games, applications and more.

Post production

I can touch up your audio, perform editing work and mix at industry standard level.

Field Recording/Foley

Need recordings for your project? Send me to record the sounds you need in the highest quality possible.


Have you got any questions or want to know anything specific? Mail to arunas@arunas.studio.