Sound from A to Z

Location sound | Sound design | Post production | Live audio


Based in Nieuwegein, which is located in the centre of The Netherlands, I am easily deployable throughout the country.

Booming business

If you're in need of a boom operator voor your production, I can be of service to you! I'll come along and will provide you with quality recordings.

Sound engineer

I've got plenty of experience with audio and can assist with anything audio related. Sound engineer for livestream, live performance, podcast recording, recording of musicians in a live or studio situation.

Sound design

I provide sound design for both linear and non-linear media. Foley recordings, sound synthesis for anything that needs sound like films, games, applications and more!

Post production

I can touch up your audio, perform editing work and mix at industry standard level.

Field Recording

Do you need recordings for your project? I'll go and record the sounds that you need!


I like to be part of the idea bal. I have experience in different parts of the media. With experience from various disciplines I can help work out ideas with various points of view.


Have you got any questions or want to know anything specific? Mail to arunas@arunas.studio.